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EU funded project MicroCheap:

CONTRACT No, TREN/04/FP6EN/S07.31101/503138

(Coordination Action)

MicroCHeap - Project Summary

Renewable micro-CHP systems are a combination of micro-CHP technology (which, at present, are mainly powered by non-renewable fossil fuels (e.g. natural gas)) and renewable energy technology, such as biomass digestion systems or solar concentrators.  The integration of renewable energy sources (RES) with micro-CHP allows for the development of sustainable energy systems with the potential for high market penetration; a cost-effective and reliable heat and electricity supply; and a highly beneficial environmental and economical impact on a pan-European scale.  This co-ordination action intends to bring together industrial specialists and research experts to focus entirely on renewable micro-CHP technology.  It will co-ordinate and steer research in this field and highlight the most promising technologies with the highest potential for market penetration in existing and future market conditions. 


Principal outputs will be:


·         A comprehensive state of the art and market review

·         Mapping of current research activities and centres of excellence

·         Expert group meetings to co-ordinate key areas of current research

·         A report recommending the future direction of European research

·         An analysis of potential links between micro-CHP and other RES

·         A technology transfer/training programme, to spread best practice

·         Targeted dissemination of the project’s results

·         Stimulation and commercialisation as well as further RTD


The CA will stimulate further development in the field, focus research, minimise duplication of effort, and help to transfer cutting-edge technology from research institutions to industry.  The global aim is to inspire the development of energy systems that can produce all the heat and electrical needs for a single dwelling.  This will aid in the development of a sustainable energy infrastructure, reduce harmful environmental emissions, and allow natural resources to be used in a more economical and ecologically sound manner.


MicroCHeaP an EU funded Project

The EU-Project MicroCHeaP is targeting all aspects of small co-generation technologies (< 100 kW). Within the project all information is garthered on the European research and technology scene such as equipment, research, industrial products and projects. 


The moste important results of MicroCheaP:


- A market overview covering all available technologies


- Mapping and coordination of research activities


- Expert meetings


- A report with suggestions for further research in Europe


On the project website:

you will find all background information to the project in english language.







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